[ic] Mailing Max Direct

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri May 25 21:09:42 EDT 2007

On 05/25/2007 09:12 AM, Kathleen Lee wrote:
> the variable is 'MAILING_MAX_DIRECT', Mailings is for me an item under the
> 'Administration' tab.  Another way to change MAILING_MAX_DIRECT might be:
>  - login to admin
>  - click 'Tables' tab
>  - click 'variable' (should be in the bottom of the page under 'Hidden Admin
> Tables', but I suppose this depends on the rights you have with the account
> that you use to access the admin)
>  - type 'MAX' in the 'Limit with search' field on the right top
>  - this should give you the 'MAILING_MAX_DIRECT' variable and you can change
> it by clicking on it
>  - if it does not show up then you can click the 'New Entry' tab and create
> it yourself. You will need to click  'Apply Changes' to have the change take
> effect.
> Hope this helps.
> CU,
> Gert
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------

> Hi,I was looking for mailing max direct and did not find mailing max
> direct in the variable under hidden items.

That's fine, just create it, note it's "MAILING_MAX_DIRECT" (all caps
and underscores)

> How do I create the variable
> 'mailing_max_direct'?
> Do I just need to click new entry and create it?


> There
> are 3 boxes that I need to fill:
> Variable Name,


> Preference Value

Some high number, say 1000.  Should be at least as high as number of
mailings you need to send out.

> and
> Preferences Area.

Select Mailings from the drop down.  If it's not there then type it into
the blank.

> After I fill those boxes, do I
> just click OK?


> After that, what do I need to do?

Click the Apply Changes link in the upper right corner.

> Is this not going to mess
> up other functions?

No, it won't.

> Could you explain it more clearly?

I think that's as clear as I can make it, respond back if you still have

> Thank you.

You're Welcome,


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