[ic] Unable to send e-mail using sendmail error

ic at 3edge.com ic at 3edge.com
Tue May 29 12:02:24 EDT 2007

Curt Hauge writes: 

> Hi list, 
> My "Lost Password" page is no longer sending the passwords on several
> catalogs from the page lost_password.html. This has been happening since
> moving to a new server that is using qmail. The error I am seeing in
> CATROOT/logs/error.log is "Unable to send mail using /usr/lib/sendmail".
> This is followed by the contents of the email that was supposed to be sent
> to the user. 
> In usr/lib I see a symlink: sendmail -> /var/qmail/bin/sendmail 
> This sendmail file does exist in /var/qmail/bin with permission 755
> root:qmail (and most other files here are same perms) 
> All other SMTP functions work on this server, receipts are sent to
> customers, etc. 
> I have grepped for a mail setting in the interchange folder and the catalog
> folder, and I have Google searched the icdevgroup.org site, but have not
> found an answer. This is happening on IC 4.8.5 and 5.4.0. 'Construct' cats
> on Fedora Core 4 with Apache 2.0.54. 
> Maybe this is a Linux question. Perhaps I need a way to tell SMTP to use
> qmail instead of sendmail, but I thought I would drop it by everyone here
> and see if anyone has an idea. 
> Thanks for any input you can offer. 
> Curt Hauge

If memory serves me right this is caused by a '-t' switch in the commandline 
that is not working for qmail ... 

Check  <icroot>/lib/Vend/Util.pm
for the following:
open(MVMAIL,"|$Vend::Cfg->{SendMailProgram} -t") or last SEND;
and change it to:
open(MVMAIL,"|$Vend::Cfg->{SendMailProgram} ") or last SEND; 



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