[ic] Manipulating op=rm

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Thu May 31 13:42:29 EDT 2007

I have term1 and term2 space-separated in field 'terms' for every item
in the products table.  When I want to know if a particular item's
term1 or term2 matches the term1 or term2 of another product, I do

[loop list="[data table='products' field='terms' key='mykey']"]
   [loop prefix="inside"
*stuff goes here*

Is there a way to manipulate the behavior of op=rm so it will evaluate
true if EITHER term1 or term2 match instead of BOTH term1 and term2?
That way I wouldn't need the list loop.

I don't think I can use op=tq or op=aq for this, because I also need a
corresponding negative match, ala op=rn.

- Grant

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