[ic] Problem is standard store welcome page

kim Gross kgross at jensalt.com
Thu Nov 1 13:58:40 EST 2007

Steve Graham wrote:
> At 03:10 PM 10/27/2007, you wrote:
>> I have a new install running the debian packages with the standard 
>> store.  I am trying to modify the standard store to to handle my 
>> business, but I am having a strange problem.  I have edited the 
>> welcome screen and the menu on the left side of that screen, but my 
>> modified version does not show up live.  If I go back into the edit 
>> mode, it shows what I changed it to, not what is displaying.
>> Any suggestions on how to get this corrected?
> Make sure your edits are outside the [L] [/L] tags - these tags are 
> used for the international locales - IC tries to look up the value 
> between [L] and [/L], in the database table to offer multiple language 
> translations.
> Just a thought....
> -Steve
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Here is what I see when I am logged in as admin and go to edit that page.
<table width="100%" border="0">
    <h1>Welcom To Jensalt.com</h1>
    <p>[L]Take our[/L]
               ][L]Customer Satisfaction Survey[/L]</A>.</p>
[if !scratch gift_cert_code]
    [seti gift_cert_code][read-cookie MV_GIFT_CERT_CODE][/seti]
    [seti gift_cert_check][read-cookie MV_GIFT_CERT_CHECK][/seti]
[if scratch gift_cert_code]
    [loop list="[scratch gift_cert_code]"]
        [if-loop-data gift_certs amount > 0]
        <B>You have a[loop-alternate 
except_first]nother[/loop-alternate] gift certificate for 
[currency][loop-data gift_certs amount][/currency]!</B>


Here is what is displayed when I go to the catalog live.

Welcome to the *Interchange* Standard Store! This site is intended to 
get you started building your own e-business site. Replace the stock 
graphics, products, and categories in this store to begin building your 
custom site.

Take our Customer Satisfaction Survey 



The Interchange Standard store line is not even in the edited version so 
I am very confused.

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