[ic] Problem is standard store welcome page

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Thu Nov 1 15:32:45 EST 2007

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> Thank you very much that solved that problem.  Now if you could help me
> with one more problem
> The menu that is on the left of the front page in the standard store,
> has catagories that I don't have any more.  I edited the menu via the
> gui, and have removed the catagories that don't exist anymore, and
> added
> the new catagories that I create.  ( I used the menu loader to make
> this
> change).
> Then I click the publish button and it still does not change.  On the
> live store.  When I vew the edit the index menu, it shows under append
> menu item that catagories that I want listed.

I've given it a test on demo.icdevgroup.org   (see the extra '2' s  in the
category names).
The menu is using a [timed-build] setting of 5 minutes. So making a change
does not show up 
Directly ... 

- Clicked Menu in the top
- Chose 'Products' in the right selection pulldown
- Made changes
- Published
- Had a cup of tea
- Reloaded
- New Menu showed up.

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