[ic] Working with products and displaying specials, store logo

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Tue Nov 6 03:35:24 EST 2007

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> logo
> > Hi Norm,
> >
> > The logo can be replaced in the template you're using and in the
> > variables,
> > there is a LOGO variable for simply pointing to the image without
> > touching
> > the template.
> >
> > As for products specials, the quick way is to go in the merchandizing
> > and setting
> > the product promotion of your choice. Also, looking at the components
> > code, you
> > can figure out how to create your own promos.
> >
> Thanks for the reply.  I was actually able to find solutions for both
> by
> trial and error.
> I still have one thing I'm trying to resolve with Specials - its only
> showing one item in the Specials box on the main page - how can I have
> it show 3 or 4 or whichever in the box?

>From the looks of it that component is somewhat buggy ... 
Setting Random to 'Yes'  will result in the amount of results set with

Through the admin:
- 'Content' (top navigation)
- index.html
- components (sub navigation)
- Component cross ->  change Random order?  To Yes
- Component cross ->  change number of selections to your value
  Probably you want to change number of columns to the same number
- Save (just below it)
- Publish (somewhere closer to the top of the page)

Now you will have the amount as set in the component. Aparently it does not 
Calculate the widths correctly so each <td>  has width 100%  ....

What exactly happens with the random is not totally clear to me, but also 
not much time to look into it further.



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