[ic] Working with products and displaying specials, store logo

Music music at labyrinth.net.au
Tue Nov 6 20:46:06 EST 2007

> I have another persistent problem when dealing with the standard 
> template -- the main page text of  "Welcome to the Interchange Standard 
> Store! This site is..." is persistent and returns each time I think I've 
> changed it under the content section.  I find the info in the 
> jnd.structure file.  It seems each time I do an apply changes, it resets 
> the variable in there for INDEX_PAR1? How do I properly change what I want 
> displayed there??

To edit this page modify:

You can edit this from shell, via FTP or through the admin UI under 

> The other problem seems that items in the Specials box are not uniform. 
> The first column is always wider then the remaining columns, no matter how 
> many I put in there.  I can't seem to find a way to adjust that?

The columns should be even but I have a feeling you have a product in that 
column that is forcing it wider.

You can edit also the layout for this component fully by editing:

While you are at it you could make a copy of the component, change the name 
of the file (and change component name in the file itself) and then create 
your own custom promotion component. 

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