[ic] order_group and Matrix options

Rick Bragg lists at gmnet.net
Wed Nov 7 11:41:21 EST 2007


Has anyone made a way to order a group of items on a fly page where each
"child" item has their own matrix option?

The closest thing that I could find on the list was this.

I have the flypage set up to loop through the products table and make an
mv_order_group. where the "parent" item is the mv_arg. That works fine,
but I tried to add the matrix options for each of the child items, and I
get the following error in my error.log

Attempt to order missing product code:

If I don't put the options on the flypage, I can order everything fine,
but then the options need to be set on the shopping cart.  I would like
for people to set the options right on the flypage.

I do have OptionsEnable option_type, and ProductFiles products variants.
My matrix options work fine, I just can't seem to group items on the fly

Any suggestions?


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