[ic] Paypal Module - need one to work

Norm Dressler norm at dressler.ca
Mon Nov 12 13:10:45 EST 2007

> To quote a shortened piece from the docs:
> "The flow is: the first button for Paypal goes to the 'paypalsetrequest' page, which sends a request
> to Paypal to initialise the transaction and gets a token back in return. If Paypal fails to send back
> a token, then the module refreshes that page with an error message suggesting that the customer should
> use your normal payment service provider and shows the cards that you accept. Once the token is read, then
> your customer is taken to Paypal to login and choose his payment method. Once that is done, he returns
> to us and hits the 'paypalgetrequest' page. This gets his full address as held by Paypal, bounces to the final 
> 'paypalcheckout' page and populates the form with his address details. Then the customer clicks the final 'pay 
> now' button and the transaction is done."
> >I've gone through the script and uncommented the log debug messages
> >which has directed me to the above question.  
> >

Further to the last email on this, I've gotten to the point where I
think I'm stuck.  

I created a button on my finalize.html page that calls
paypalsetrequest.html.  When clicked, I don't get an error in the log
files at all but do get this:
(paypalexpress): Paypal has failed to respond correctly - please use
postal billing and we will contact you for a manual PayPal payment.

on the checkout page and the system returns me to checkout.  The wording
on the above is slightly different from the default because I modified
the text in the paypalexpress.pm module.

I'm not certain where to look for errors, suggestions please!


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