[ic] Breadcrumbs and layouts

Music music at labyrinth.net.au
Tue Nov 13 09:23:18 EST 2007

I have built a site for a guy which has two distinctive product departments 
but that uses a shared cart and shared checkout page. (Interchange 5.4)

The two departments look very different and none of the products are 
displayed from one department to the other unless the customer has items in 
the cart.

A customer can actually go through the site and only ever see one department 
unless they get curious and click deeper links (which is an intentional part 
of the design)

To do this I use seperate department index pages etc, seperate results 
pages, and seperate flypages using template_layout method.

This all works very well and products are always displayed in the 
appropriate department layout.

EXCEPT for when it comes to the breadcrumb links....

Clicking a prod_group or category in the breadcrumb bar always returns the 
default results page, which breaks the concept.

So to my questions:

Can I easily (and should I) use two customised breadcrumb sections in the 
same catalog. i.e. a seperate breadcrumb for each department, modded and 
called by the layout so that the appropriate results page is loaded.

If yes to the above how do I go about this? (noting that other catalogs are 
using default global breadcrumb system)
How easy is it to create catalog specific breadcrumbs, and more than one in 
the same catalog at that?


Is there something I can do within the default results page so that it 
redirects to the correct results page based on prod_group? (The default 
results page we are not using for anything)

Any ideas appreciated!

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