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kim Gross writes: 

> Gert van der Spoel wrote:
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>>> Thank you very much that solved that problem.  Now if you could help me
>>> with one more problem 
>>> The menu that is on the left of the front page in the standard store,
>>> has catagories that I don't have any more.  I edited the menu via the
>>> gui, and have removed the catagories that don't exist anymore, and
>>> added
>>> the new catagories that I create.  ( I used the menu loader to make
>>> this
>>> change). 
>>> Then I click the publish button and it still does not change.  On the
>>> live store.  When I vew the edit the index menu, it shows under append
>>> menu item that catagories that I want listed. 
>> I've given it a test on demo.icdevgroup.org   (see the extra '2' s  in 
>> the
>> category names).
>> The menu is using a [timed-build] setting of 5 minutes. So making a 
>> change
>> does not show up Directly ...  
>> - Clicked Menu in the top
>> - Chose 'Products' in the right selection pulldown
>> - Made changes
>> - Published
>> - Had a cup of tea
>> - Reloaded
>> - New Menu showed up. 
> I'm still not sure what I am doing wrong, but I can not get it to work on 
> either on the demo, or my store. 
> Here is what I have done.  Loged in as admin.   Click go to catalog.  On 
> the left hand side of the screen is a "menu" of catagories that you can 
> click on to bring up the items in that catagory.  Right under the list is 
> a button for edit menu.  I click that.  Brings up the menu editor.  I 
> choose Menu Loader, leave everything at default and it brings up new list. 
>  In my catalog it has a bunch of different catagories.  On the demo I 
> delete a few items from the list that is created. Make sure it is set to 
> save as the index menu and hit publish.  
>    * Menu 'index' saved to file include/menus/index.txt. Active on next
>      access.
>    * Successfully wrote 67 lines to tree index. 
> I then click go to catalog, and the old menu is still there with the 
> catagories that I deleted. 
> What am I doing wrong?

Your main problem is that you didn't follow simple instructions. 

>> - Clicked Menu in the top
>> - Chose 'Products' in the right selection pulldown
>> - Made changes
>> - Published
>> - Had a cup of tea
>> - Reloaded
>> - New Menu showed up.

This does not read: Loged in as admin.   Click go to catalog .... 

But you should not be calling the menu you are saving 'index' ... In the 
demo the menu name is 'Products' ...You could of course create 'index' as a 
new (tree) Menu and then edit the product_tree component on index.html 
(through 'Content' in the top navigation) to point at 'index' instead of 
'Products'.  Then once all done make sure you wait a couple of minutes as it 
is not created directly (timed-build of 5 minutes). 

As this all is probably seeming a bit too complex, just go with the steps 
above (of course you can have a coffee instead of tea :)) ... 

To prove my point:

should only show 'test'  in the menu ... 

The only 'flaw' I'd say is that when you click the 'edit menu' button it 
should pop-up directly the current menu instead of letting you create a new 



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