[ic] interchange.pid

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Thu Nov 15 18:12:52 EST 2007

brian pribis writes: 

> Hello everyone. 
> I am sort of new to interchange (read up on it about five years ago,
> but never got the chance to implement it). 
> Everything installs great on my laptop and our local server, but when
> I installed it on our host's server, which is a Sun, interchange seems
> to have a problem finding the interchange.pid file. 
> As a result, when I try to shutdown interchange or restart it, it
> thinks the server isn't running because it can't find a pid for it.

The exact error message would be good to add here. And interchange is 
running fine, until you try a shutdown / restart? 

> The file contains the correct pid and if I delete it, it gets written
> when I start interchange back up.  Group and user are both set to the
> group.user that interchange is running at and permission are set to
> 600 (which is what it is created as).

Tried setting it to 666 just to see what happens? 

> I can't think what might be going on here; interchange can create the
> pid file, write the correct pid in it, but then can't read it on
> shutdown.

Sometimes IC works in mysterious ways ... Else life would be too easy :)

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