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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Nov 16 09:25:00 EST 2007

Quoting Brian Pribis (brian.pribis at gmail.com):
> Thanks for the quick response!
> >The exact error message would be good to add here. And interchange is 
> >running fine, until you try a shutdown / restart?
> >
> The exact error message is:
> "The previous Interchange server was not running and probably terminated 
> with an error."
> In fact, the interchange server is running.  The interchange.pid file 
> even has the correct pid. 
> >Tried setting it to 666 just to see what happens?
> It doesn't help.  If I delete the interchange.pid file and restart the 
> IC, it gets created (with 600) and the correct pid is put in it.  It 
> only seems to be a problem at shutdown.  (I see I have another response 
> from someone else.  I'll check that out and see what comes of it).

The problem is just trying to find the lock status. Have you tried

	LockType fcntl

in interchange.cfg?

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