[ic] interchange.pid

Brian Pribis brian.pribis at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 10:28:03 EST 2007


> Yes,
> 1) did you use a custom path for the pid file? (using PIDfile directive)

No, not that I am aware off.     But that doesn't mean much.  I might 
have missed something while setting this up.

> 2) you can attach strace to the running process. Like, if 
>    interchange is running as PID 1000, you can do:
>    strace -f -s 2048 -o /tmp/trace -pPID
>    and then invoke interchange --stop. When it finishes, in /tmp/trace
>    you search for interchange.pid (or just \.pid) and look up the
>    path where IC is expecting it. Then compare that to the location
>    where your pid file actually is.
>    Btw, strace is a linux command but I think there exists its port
>    to solaris. If not, use solaris-native truss command. (See manpage
>    for different cmdline args).
O.k. I had to use truss and what I got was interesting.  I had to 
actually run it own interchange --start just so I could see what was normal.

When I run truss on the pid of an already running IC and then tried 
./interchange --stop, not much happened.  One thing I did notice, 
however, was that I was seeing calls to "open64("[path to 
interchange]/etc", O_RDONLY|O_NDELAY) = 2

I am thinking there should be a filename in there somewhere.   If this 
is the call to read the pid file, then I can see why it is failing.  The 
question is, where does this call get its value for the pid file from?   
It must be missing from a configuration somewhere, but I'll be darned if 
I can figure out where.

Also, I am able to delete the file while IC is running.  I half 
suspected that it would be locked while the server is  up.   Is this wrong?

Any hint where this might be would be great :)


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