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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Nov 16 23:06:46 EST 2007

Quoting Brian Pribis (brian.pribis at gmail.com):
> Everyone
> >
> >I haven't worked with Solaris for a number of years, as almost no one seems
> >to use it for web servers anymore.
> >
> >The underlying problem is with Perl and how it interacts with locking.
> >If using fcntl locking doesn't fix the problem -- as it did with later
> >Solaris installations back in 1999 or 2000 -- then probably nothing
> >is going to fix it.
> >
> >Note what you see if you search on google for "perl solaris lock".
> >
> Help me understand this because I think I am missing something.
> If IC is already running, and I restart or stop it gets the PID and 
> can't seem to make the connection with the PID of the IC instance and so 
> complains (I have verified that the PID in the file is correct).
> If IC is not already running, but the interchange.pid file exists, it 
> will also complain, but this is what it should do since there will be no 
>  IC running, hence no PID.
> Once the second (third, forth, etc) instance of IC fires up it updates 
> the interchange.pid file and continues on its merry way without so much 
> as a complaint.
> In other words, when I start interchange (not restart), it just plows 
> ahead and writes to the pid file.
> Are you telling me that the file is not being locked by interchange and 
> so when it goes to shutdown it simply looks to see if it is locked and 
> complains without even looking in the file?

"Looking in the file"? I don't know what you can do about it if you
do look, as you can't know whether that PID is running.

> If this is the case then why not change it so that it looks for the pid 
> for the user and the interch command and then does the compare?  If its 
> there then it is running and should be killed, if it isn't there there 
> then IC isn't running, or is this missing the point?

Of course if you glue stuff together with shell commands, you can,
but if you were going to do that then you just write a shell script
to perform the startup / shutdown.

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