[ic] Breadcrumbs and layouts

Music music at labyrinth.net.au
Sat Nov 17 02:14:34 EST 2007

> .....I use seperate department index pages etc, seperate results pages, 
> and seperate flypages using template_layout method.
> This all works very well and products are always displayed in the 
> appropriate department layout.
> EXCEPT for when it comes to the breadcrumb links....
> Clicking a prod_group or category in the breadcrumb bar always returns the 
> default results page, which breaks the concept.

Just so this is not a dead end for anyone who stumbles upon this searching 
for a similar solution, in this case I solved this in the default 
results.html page by specifying layout based on prod_group:

[tmp which_layout][value-extended name=mv_searchspec index=0][/tmp]

  [if scratch which_layout eq 'Whatever']
[tmpn display_class]customisedleftright[/tmpn]
 [tmpn display_class][/tmpn]

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