[ic] interchange.pid

Brian Pribis brian.pribis at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 09:48:14 EST 2007


> "Looking in the file"? I don't know what you can do about it if you
> do look, as you can't know whether that PID is running.

In Perl I could do a

open(PS_F, "ps -o pid,user,comm -u interch_user|");

loop over PS_F and

($pid, $user, $comm) = split;

At least, that works on linux, I still have to see if it works on Sun.

> Of course if you glue stuff together with shell commands, you can,
> but if you were going to do that then you just write a shell script
> to perform the startup / shutdown.

Bingo!   Which sucks in a way as I would much rather find out why this 
is happening (although finding work arounds is enjoyable too).  Since IC 
works great on Ubuntu and FreeBSD, I am going to assume that this is 
just a goofy Sun thing.

Live and learn.

Thanks for all the feed back everyone.


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