[ic] Moving the admin interface to a different url

John1 list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Nov 17 16:41:57 EST 2007

On Saturday, November 17, 2007 8:22 PM Paul Jordan wrote:

>> the ability to change the admin url to a different location
>> would be a
>> valuable feature.  None of the above solutions stop a user *finding*
>> the admin logon page in the first place.  To me it seems like a
>> sensible and desirable feature, which is presumably why it existed in
> That brings up a good point. Companies like google hire 750 million
> people to find all the pages on the internet and type information
> about them in it's index. Someone should really make a robot to find
> all the pages out there. It could even be enhanced to find forms with
> fields like 'username' or 'password' and buttons titled 'login'. That
> might be too cutting edge though.
> I think master minds could easily find any page, of course, this
> would only limit your exposure to people with British accents that
> wear an eye patch, and a very fluffy white cat.
> :-)
> Kidding aside, you cannot hide a page from normal http access by
> changing it's name or location. The only way to obscure it is by
> making it accessible through a sequence of events.

But Google or any other spider will *never* find a page if there is no other 
page linking to it and there is, and never has been, any record out there of 
the fact the page exists.  So, by changing its name to asl3owlc5dsflwb 
*will* prevent it being found unless some lame robot blows a fuse and goes 
off on some random page search and gets lucky ;-)  Of course, if the random 
page name is leaked somehow...damn it, I'll have to choose another name for 
my page now :-) 

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