[ic] Custom flypage URL

Daniel Browning db at endpoint.com
Tue Nov 27 19:20:05 EST 2007

* Josh Lavin <josh at myprivacy.ca> [2007-11-27 15:41]:
> Anyone know of a way to have the product description in the flypage URL, 
> such as:
>    www.foo.com/123/The_123_Book
> instead of only having the code in the URL, as usual:
>    www.foo.com/123
> I was thinking of an ActionMap, but those seem to require a directory in 
> between, like:
>    www.foo.com/foo/123

Sub by_title sub { custom_stuff_here(); }
SpecialSub flypage by_title

See Vend::Interpolate::fly_page() for more information.
Daniel Browning
End Point Corporation

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