[ic] Number of days between dates

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Wed Nov 28 17:49:23 EST 2007

Grant writes: 

> What do you guys use to determine the time between two dates?  > and <
> are great for comparing dates formatted like 20071121 and 20071128 to
> determine their chronological order, but is there a function that can
> be used within IC to determine how many days lie between those dates?

Google came up with the following: 

use Date::Calc qw(Delta_Days); 

my @today = (localtime)[107,10,28];
$today[0] += 1900;

my @fromday = (2007, 9, 13);
my $days = Delta_Days(@birthday, @today); 

print "$days days in between\n"; 

So you could see to use Date::Calc or check it out and steal their code for 
determining the delta. Maybe this helps. 



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