[ic] custom sales tax using levies

Angela Zenner angela at geton.com
Wed Oct 10 16:41:12 EDT 2007

I am trying to implement custom salestax using levies. The documentation 
says that you can use the name of a sub or global sub that will return 
the cost of the levy in the type field. My relevant code in catalog.cfg is:
Sub process_pst <<EOS
sub {
return 20;

ValuesDefault mv_shipmode PRICECDN

Levies salestax shipping pst gst

Levy gst description GST/HST
Levy gst label "Estimated GST/HST"
Levy gst part_number GST/HST
Levy gst tax_type GST/HST
Levy gst include_if "[if value country eq CA]1[/if]"
Levy gst keep_if_zero 1
Levy gst type salestax
Levy gst sort 002

Levy pst description "PST"
Levy pst label "Estimated PST"
Levy pst part_number PST
Levy pst tax_type PST
Levy pst include_if "[if value country eq CA]1[/if]"
Levy pst keep_if_zero 1
* Levy pst type process_pst*
Levy pst sort 003

Levy salestax description "Sales Tax (%s)"
Levy salestax label "Estimated Tax"
Levy salestax part_number SALESTAX
Levy salestax include_if "[if value country ne CA]1[/if]"
Levy salestax keep_if_zero 1
Levy salestax type salestax
Levy salestax sort 002

Levy shipping label "Shipping"
Levy shipping type shipping
Levy shipping part_number SHIPPING
Levy shipping mode_from_values mv_shipmode
Levy shipping check_status mv_shipmode
Levy shipping group shipping

I just want to call the subroutine process_pst (I've tried everything) 
when calculating PST for Canada, but I don't know the exact syntax. Any 
ideas would be appreciated.

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