[ic] Intermittent 500 on "Submit Order"

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 04:53:00 EDT 2007

> >>> I'm seeing intermittent 500 errors when someone clicks the "Submit
> >>> Order" button.  It seems to happen only when submitting an order.  It
> >>> can happen regardless of the payment method, so it isn't a problem
> >>> with GPG.  The backend processes of the order placement always seem to
> >>> go through fine, but the customer is not seeing the order receipt
> >>> page.
> >> How is the e-mail being handled, is it in your receipt page also? Or at
> >> what point in the process? What, if any, mail is received? What mail
> >> method is being used? I used to get some errors when sending too many
> >> mail in the order process, which was improved slightly by using
> >> Net::SMTP, and then cured by using RPC mode.
> >>
> >> Try to add some debugging statements, and use what you know to find out
> >> exactly where it fails. There was an excellent thread a couple weeks
> >> ago, 'one store gone nuts' - where debugging was discussed in-depth.
> >>
> >> Good luck,
> >>
> >> JT
> >
> > JT,
> > I think you might be right about email sending being the root of my
> > problem here.  I haven't seen one of these 500s since I put a stop to
> > form mail spam.  We'll see how it goes.  I'd like to switch to RPC
> > mode if that cleared it up for you, but I'm on 5.2 and there is a bug
> > that prevents op=tq from working with RPC mode.
> >
> > I'll keep the list posted on how this goes.
> >
> > - Grant
> Hi Grant,
> If you search for the bug with aq in RPC mode you'll probably find the thread where it's discussed and I think I ended up using a Search.pm from a later build that solved my problem.
> Are you running with MaxServers 0 in high or low traffic mode?  Most problems I have seen with perl signals have been solved by using MaxServers 0 in high/low traffic mode.

I'm in high traffic mode like this:

HouseKeeping 2
MaxServers   0
PIDcheck     600

I believe the default PIDcheck is 120 but I changed it to 600 so my
jobs can run longer.

Very good to know with Search.pm.  I'll give that a try ASAP.

- Grant

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