[ic] still having problems getting new debian install working correctly

kim Gross kgross at jensalt.com
Tue Oct 16 15:56:44 EDT 2007

docelic wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 11:17:00AM -0600, kim Gross wrote:
>> I deleted that file and got errors about 2 other files which I also 
>> deleted.  Now interchange is running.  Hopefully deleting all of those 
>> files will not cause a problem.
> No, it's just a duplicate that can be removed. In newer versions of 
> Interchange some things have been changed though and "duplicates" only
> trigger a warning, not an error.
> See ya,
> -doc
> _
Thanks for the info. Everything seems to be working now.  But I am still 
having a couple of problems on my setup.  I am trying to just modify the 
standard catalog to do what I need, but for some reason 2 things that I 
change via the admin control panel do not change.  On the main page, I 
edited the text to say that it was my store not the welcome to the 
standard store, but it has not changed on the functioning store.  Any 
ideas?  I also tried to change the menu  on the right, to show the 
catagories that I put my new products in, and it has not changed 
either.  Any suggestions on a good howto to figure out how to change the 
standard catalog, rather than create a whole new one?

Thanks again.


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