[ic] put your ad infront of thousands of american doctors

Josiah Beasley knzbgehmytslVickie at schober.de
Wed Oct 17 04:25:12 EDT 2007

Fully Licensed Medical Doctors in the USA 

788,870 in total – 17,776 emails

Medical Doctors in many different specialties

Can easily be sorted by 16 different fields

Price Just Lowered -  $326

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Contact List of US Pharma Companies
Names and email addresses of 5,000 bigwigs

Hospitals in the USA
23,000 Admins in more than 7,000 hospitals {a $399 value]

Database of American Dentists
A complete Directory or dentists and related services (valued at $299)

US Chiropractor List
100,000 Chiropractors in the USA (worth $249 alone)

email to:      qualityhealthdata at hotmail.com


this offer expires October 12, 2007

to manage your subscription settings send an email to the address above with 807 in the subject

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