[ic] Simultaneous page accesses

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 12:29:41 EDT 2007

> > I've noticed that if a page on my site is loading I'm unable to access a
> > second page until the first page has finished loading.  Is there a way
> > to change that, maybe just for the superuser?
> Grant,
> What you're seeing is caused because your session is locked during page
> processing, so the second page can't load till the first has finished.
> This is because page processing is expected to change things in the
> session, and if it weren't locked like this, things would get corrupted.
> One way around it is to make some pages not use a session at all. That's
> not a good idea for a superuser, since the superuser logged-in status is
> stored in the session. :)
> Another way is to use a different browser for different requests. (Not
> different browser tabs or windows, but actually a different browser
> entirely.)
> It would be possible to modify Interchange such that some pages were
> flagged as making "read-only session usage" so that they wouldn't block
> other pages. Then Interchange would know not to lock when serving those.
> That would take a little work.

Incidentally, I'm using PIDcheck 3600 to allow some admin stuff to run
for up to an hour in the browser.  Am I asking for trouble with a
setting like that or is it unlikely to cause a problem?

- Grant

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