[ic] Object Saved Wrong / IC5.4.2

Darryl Dueck ddueck at palliser.ca
Wed Oct 24 14:11:09 EDT 2007


We recently upgraded our site from Interchange 4.8 to 5.4.2.  

We're seeing the following error (with alarming frequency) ICDIf5me: - [24/October/2007:11:30:48 -0500]
eq3 /cat-eq3/scan/MM=9fc873ee8cdc537455d6c511fd49956f:16:31:16.html
search error: Object saved wrong in
511fd49956f for search ID ICDIf5me.9fc873ee8cdc537455d6c511fd49956f.

Users get an error when they 
1) Choose a category / click the product list page ("results.html").  It
shows a list of products.
2) Click [Next] to go to page 2.  
***Boom***.  You don't get any results, even though there are 3 more
pages of results to scroll through.  Error log shows the "Object saved
wrong" message.
3) If you click on product category again and then try to go to page 2,
it will work fine.

We're leaning toward the perl storage module, but it's up-to-date.
Other options may be "data-related", or something with Unicode, but I
don't think we're doing anything strange with the data.

Any ideas?

Interchange 5.4.2 / Postgres 8.1.9 / Suse Enterprise 10 SP1 (x86_64) /
Perl 5.8.8 (hand-built) / Storable (2.16) / Intel Xeon Quad Dual Core
E5320 (1.86GHZ)

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