[ic] Simultaneous page accesses

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 12:13:40 EDT 2007

> > I'm using PIDcheck 3600 to allow some admin stuff to run for up to an
> > hour in the browser.  Am I asking for trouble with a setting like that
> > or is it unlikely to cause a problem?
> If you have any pages that can get into an infinite loop (or even just
> very slow), you open yourself up to a denial of service problem on the
> server if your PIDcheck is very long like that.
> If it's working for you, though, and if you're careful about the code you
> roll out to production, I'm not sure I'd worry about it too much. It just
> depends on your risk tolerance, how beefy your server is, etc.
> To be safe about it, you can run a separate Interchange daemon on a
> different server for your admin stuff, and tune it to allow long requests,
> while the customer-facing side can use shorter PIDcheck etc.

Sounds good, thanks Jon.

- Grant

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