[ic] Re: IC Upgrade 5.2.0 -> 5.5.2

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Mon Oct 29 17:41:04 EST 2007

On 10/29/2007 03:20 PM, Grant wrote:
>>> I also noticed the process page is now process.html.  Is there any way
>>> to change that back without affecting the other pages?
>> What do you mean?  the process page has always been process.
> Yes, but now it's "process.html".  On 5.2.0 it was "process" for me.

This is actually a bugfix.  The new behavior is (more) correct and
respects the setting of the mv_add_dot_html scratch value.  I did just
look at the code and notice a bug that needs fixing, though, so thanks
for that.


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