[ic] Re: Apply changes not working correctly in High Traffic mode

Aaron Berg ir.gath at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 18:30:41 EST 2007

I've stumbled on a solution.  The key seems to be me HouseKeeping setting:

HouseKeeping 20

I changed it to

HouseKeeping 3

and apply changes works every time now.

It seems like the 'apply changes' function requires Interchange to
automatically run housekeeping before the 'reconfiguring' page
refreshes to the info page.  If so it would explain the seemingly
random times apply changes would work with the old config of 20.

Is my assumption close?  I'd really like to understand why this change
fixed things.

On 10/29/07, Aaron Berg <ir.gath at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an Interchange install running in High Traffic mode.  In one of
> the catalogs we've given the customer access to the 'Admin' tab and
> created some custom values in there to control some settings for the
> front end of the site.
> What we've found is that 'apply changes' (or --reconfig from the
> command line) doesn't reload the values in variable.txt.  Or more
> accurately, it reloads them sometimes, but not consistently.
> Our settings for high traffic mode are:
> HouseKeeping 20
> MaxServers   10
> PIDcheck     120
> I haven't found anything in the Interchange error or debug logs or in
> the catalog error log that would give me a hint.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?

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