[ic] Interchange Install Question

rb rb at superiorshelving.com
Mon Oct 29 18:41:31 EST 2007


	Thanks for the response and the explanation.

> Interchange ... runs as a 'server' or 'daemon'. This means that the  
> Interchange program runs on the server all the time alongside the  
> web server daemon...
> When you access an Interchange page, Apache will route the request  
> (through CGI or mod_perl, etc) to an Interchange child process,  
> which is already primed up and ready to serve the request.

	However, if you don't mind, this raises another question.  Why then,  
if Interchange runs as a daemon, does it need Perl at all?  I thought  
the idea of Perl was to do all the heavy lifting.  Does Interchange  
use just a subset of Perl?

	I guess I want to know this because I'm having a heck of a time  
getting Interchange installed on my MacBook Pro.  I'm running a  
threaded version of Perl 5.8.6, which I know is frowned upon, but  
according to the docs, it should run just fine for testing purposes.

	It gets to this point and then Perl hangs:

not ok 2

	Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I can't wait to try this  
out! =;)

Thanks again,

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