[ic] one store gone nuts - 500 errors - HELP!

Glenn McCalley glenn at bnetmd.net
Tue Sep 4 17:22:27 EDT 2007

Hi all.

Store works fine until you press the final "Place Order" button on the 
checkout page.
500 - Internal Server Error.

Last order placed, which was about 40 minutes before the trouble was 
reported, looks fine in orders directory.  Other orders within an hour or 
two previous are also fine.
No changes made in several days to this store - not even products.
This is one of several stores on the same server.  Others are all OK.
Session expirations are up to date.

- tracking.asc shows the last order OK with nothing but blank orders since 
(**ORDER xx START / STOP with nothing in between)

- usertrack nothing special - logging current activity OK

- error.log both store and IC not illuminating

- apache SSL_ERROR_LOG shows the ever popular "Premature end of script 
headers" for the "process" program
with no other info

Charges -ARE- being processed - whole string of them in AuthorizeNet which 
had to be voided.

It seems to be bombing right after the charge goes through but before the 
receipt page and email receipt are sent.

What can it be?  What would trigger the behavior like (snap) that?

Client coming unglued - ticket sales for an event this weekend (of course).
All suggestions desparately welcomed.


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