[ic] one store gone nuts - 500 errors - HELP!

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Tue Sep 4 19:27:41 EDT 2007

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> On 09/04/2007 02:22 PM, Glenn McCalley wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> Store works fine until you press the final "Place Order" button on the
>> checkout page.
>> 500 - Internal Server Error.
> The only time I have seen where the global error.log file doesn't show
> something is if Perl itself crashes, check for a core dump.  Was Perl or
> one of its modules recently upgraded?  Do you use the stock Perl or one
> you compiled yourself?  What about the modules?  What platform are you
> running on?
> Peter
Hi Peter, yes I do get perl.core dumps.  Sorry should have said that before.

- FreeBSD 5.3
- Perl 5.8.5 compiled myself, not the port.
- Interchange 5.2.0
- No Perl updates additions in some time.

BUT -- the other stores are fine.  Hald a dozen of them.  Same IC.  Selling 
things, issuing receipts, making money.
That's what's got me swinging - this box has been rock solid for over a year 
and it's only -this-one-store-.
I'd think if it was Perl by itself they'd all be smoking ruins.

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