[ic] one store gone nuts - 500 errors - HELP!

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Tue Sep 4 19:41:01 EDT 2007

On 09/04/2007 04:27 PM, Glenn McCalley wrote:
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>> On 09/04/2007 02:22 PM, Glenn McCalley wrote:
>>> Hi all.
>>> Store works fine until you press the final "Place Order" button on the
>>> checkout page.
>>> 500 - Internal Server Error.
>> The only time I have seen where the global error.log file doesn't show
>> something is if Perl itself crashes, check for a core dump.  Was Perl or
>> one of its modules recently upgraded?  Do you use the stock Perl or one
>> you compiled yourself?  What about the modules?  What platform are you
>> running on?
>> Peter
> Hi Peter, yes I do get perl.core dumps.  Sorry should have said that
> before.
> - FreeBSD 5.3
> - Perl 5.8.5 compiled myself, not the port.
> - Interchange 5.2.0
> - No Perl updates additions in some time.
> BUT -- the other stores are fine.  Hald a dozen of them.  Same IC. 
> Selling things, issuing receipts, making money.
> That's what's got me swinging - this box has been rock solid for over a
> year and it's only -this-one-store-.
> I'd think if it was Perl by itself they'd all be smoking ruins.

If you're getting core dumps from Perl then that's definitely your
problem.  They can be caused by the oddest combination of things and can
easily happen on just one shop.

Upgrade to the latest perl (5.8.8) and build a new
Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink, DBD::mysql (or whatever other database
you have) and any other perl modules you might be using.  I would
install in a seperate directory (I usually use something like
 that way you can keep your old perl and switch back if there's any new
problems, though 5.8.8 has been out for quite some time now so I doubt
you will find any problems with it.

Do that and your problems will almost certainly disappear.


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