[ic] one store gone nuts - 500 errors - HELP!

Marty Tennison marty at sediva.com
Tue Sep 4 23:31:27 EDT 2007

Glenn McCalley wrote:

>> 1) Variable  DEBUG  1   (in interchange.cfg) restart
> Already tried that - used it before once - and no /tmp/icdebug file gets
> created (I thought that's where it got created?).
> At least "find" can't find anything by the name "icdebug" anywhere in
> the system.  Terrific.  Some other switch need to be thrown to get that
> started?

Hmm, that might be a clue pointing to file permission problems.  You can
set the location of the DEBUG file like this in interchange.cfg..

DebugFile /var/log/interchange/debug.log

Once you find the location of the file, then I would check permissions
on the file and/or directories.

Thant's all I can come up with.  Hope it helps.

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