[ic] learning

Paul Jordan jordan at gishnetwork.com
Wed Sep 5 13:21:08 EDT 2007

interchange-users-bounces at icdevgroup.org wrote:
> I am very interested in learning interchange. What is best way to
> learn how to build a complete store. Don't want to use the demo store.
> Also are you guys going to have better docs for this software.
> I would like to download in pdf format. Then are guys going
> to have better support for like support forms.
> Thanks Darnell


The best thing to do is install the Demo store (Standard), then mess around
with it, deconstruct it, add to it. Do that for a few weeks and it will be
all the learning you need. I think most people install Standard, for all
the standard components (login, logging transactions, etc) then completely
obliterate the actual store.

We always build *from* standard, but the shops look nothing like the Demo,
because everything has been reworked, but the underlying security and
transaction processing is still 99% intact.

See www.flexi8.com, www.operamogul.com  www.corlissgroup.com,
www.gishnetwork.com, etc

None of those look like Demo eh :-)

This is a great resource for documentation:
http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/icdocs/index.html But I warn you, the
maintainer of that website is British, so you might run into the occasional
dry comedy relief now and then. (he got his humor degree from Sahara Desert

As for support, there are two IRC channels and the mail list, and paid
consultants of course, www.perusion.com, www.cursor.biz,
http://www.linuxia.de/, www.signless.com and others.


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