[ic] perl-DBD-Pg problem

Spencer Christensen schristensen at backcountry.com
Thu Sep 6 12:26:22 EDT 2007

Peter wrote:
> On 09/05/2007 10:43 PM, hudsondarnell40 at comcast.net wrote:
>> I installed interchange on Fedora Core 5 and when I try to run it.
>> I get the error DBD-Pg not presence. put DBD-Pg in installed
> Did you compile your own perl or are you using the stock perl that comes
> with FC5?  If DBD::Pg is really installed then the following command
> should print out a version number:
> /path/to/perl -MDBD::Pg -e 'print "$DBD::Pg::VERSION\n"'
> Also, please give more details about what you tried and why you think
> you have DBD::Pg installed even though Interchange says it's not (such
> as copy/pasting output from trying to start Interchange and other output
> of programs that makes you think it's there).


Also, could you provide the output of this line?

perldoc -l DBD::Pg

If you do have DBD::Pg installed, that will tell you where.

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