[ic] one store gone nuts - 500 errors - (still) HELP please!

JT Justman jt at signless.com
Fri Sep 7 22:29:08 EDT 2007

Glenn McCalley wrote:
> Still chasing this one.  (Sorry to disappear - 2,000 miles driving past
> 2 days, family thing, real fun).
> Current situation:
> - Perl upgraded to 5.8.8
> - Bunldle::InterchangeKitchenSink rebuilt (takes a while, doesn't it?)
> - I did find out where the icdebug file is logging, that does work but
> doesn't show anything illuminating.
> - ran expireallm thought maybe huge session lib or something
> - Restart IC - other stores still OK, this one still crashes on "Place
> Order".
> Verified that AuthNet process is completed OK, have the card
> authorization - it happens after that but before receipts are processed.
> I agree it's Perl or Perl-triggered-by-IC.
> The server error log still just shows "Premature end of script headers".
> There is a message there that I can't see.
> Is there a way or where in the IC code:
> -- could I add CGI.pm's "fatalsToBrowser" or something like that to get
> Apache to log whatever is being said by Perl as it dies?
> -- where to start putting some additional debug log statements to tie it
> down more specifically?

I sometimes see this when there is a mysql error from one of the import
tags in log_transaction. I.e., a mismatched column type. Peter's advice
about logging is great, but you may also learn from adjusting your mysql
logging (i.e. log everything and see where it stops).


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