[ic] one store gone nuts - Different, anyway.

Glenn McCalley techlist at bnetmd.net
Sun Sep 9 15:38:53 EDT 2007

Thanks to all helping me with the 500 errors.

I implemented PaymentTest - it had no effect on the errors but does ease 
testing greatly.  Got tired of voiding all those test charges - Thanks Ron.

Placed [calc] Debug statements through log_transaction - Thanks Peter - and 
quickly isolated the problem to the autocreate user process.  Went to export 
the userdb file to review it and -that- blew up.  Working under the 
assumption that the userdb.db is hosed, deleted it and let it rebuild from a 
userdb.txt and HooRay an order processes!

Now!  Something New!
Each order placed fails the first time through on "Place Order" at checkout 
There were errors in your last submission:

  (Customer record creation): There was an error adding you to the customer 

icdebug file shows the following:
Number found where operator expected at (eval 1003) line 2, near "1
                 (Missing operatore before

All you have to do is re-click "Place Order" - no changes to the order page 
(other than re-key the card number which I'd expect) and the order flies 
through just fine.
The user counter is incremented by 1 on the second submission.
Only one user record is in fact created.
These are standard dbm files - no SQL.
Permissions / ownership match other catalogs.

Ideas?  Thanks!

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