[ic] one store gone nuts - Different, anyway.

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Sun Sep 9 17:06:56 EDT 2007

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> On Sun, Sep 09, 2007 at 03:38:53PM -0400, Glenn McCalley wrote:
>> Now!  Something New!
>> Each order placed fails the first time through on "Place Order" at 
>> checkout
>> with
>> There were errors in your last submission:
>>  (Customer record creation): There was an error adding you to the 
>> customer
>> table.
>> icdebug file shows the following:
>> Number found where operator expected at (eval 1003) line 2, near "1
>>                              1"
>>                 (Missing operatore before
>>                              1?)
> Hey Glenn, take a look at the error log. If the query was passed to the
> DB, but it failed, then you'd see the actual query contents and could
> spot which field was not quoted, or had no value or similar problem..
> If the query was not passed to the DB (i.e. the error happens before
> that), then you should be able to get at least some more context info
> from debug+error logs to find out the exact location of the problem.
> If you can't get that, then try looking in the code for something
> that could, after improper interpolation, end up being:
> "1
> 1"
> (At least the '1\n1' is what you seem to have pasted as icdebug error).
> -doc
You are correct about the spacing of the error message.  Intended as shown.

error.log, Damn!  And I just told Kevin there wasn't any indication of a 
Perl error... hate that.
Here is the error.log: TbYuGMuJ:comcast.net - [09/September/2007:16:30:11 -0400] store 
/cgi-bin/store/process Successful login by user 'U00005' TbYuGMuJ:comcast.net - [09/September/2007:16:30:11 -0400] store 
/cgi-bin/store/process Safe: Auto-create of user failed. at (tag 'perl') 
line 1.
>  die errmsg("Auto-create of user failed.");
> TbYuGMuJ:comcast.net - [09/September/2007:16:30:11 -0400] store 
/cgi-bin/store/process Route log failed. TbYuGMuJ:comcast.net - [09/September/2007:16:30:11 -0400] store 
/cgi-bin/store/process ERRORS on ORDER MOOREA004803:
> Error during creation of order routing log:
> Route log failed. at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Order.pm line 1997.

That line 1997 appears to be after a test for deletion of a Scratch variable 
mv_route_error - I'm a bit lost there, don't see anything to do with user 
creation.  ??

THanks Doc,

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