[ic] Users complaining about errors

Spencer Christensen schristensen at backcountry.com
Mon Sep 10 13:57:59 EDT 2007

Grant wrote:
>>> I've been contacted at least 3 times in the 1-2 weeks by customers who
>>> got a "blank page" or a "broken link" when submitting a form.  I
>>> haven't gotten an email like that before so I'm thinking I've got an
>>> issue here.
>>> There is nothing in error.log, error_log, or ssl_error_log.  The only
>>> thing I can think of would be a timeout due to a locked table since
>>> I'm logging all traffic via mysql, which I've been warned about.  I
>>> haven't seen a timeout or significant response delay myself though.
>>> How would you track this down?
>> Is it possible that the session just had expired ?
> I would be very surprised.  I've been using 'SessionExpire 2 days' for
> a long time and these complaints just started.

    Have you looked in your Apache logs?  Are you able to trace a given 
request through Apache (access_log) into Interchange (debug.log or 
error.log or something)?  Doing so may reveal where things are breaking. 
  Are these requests all coming from the same page?  Or doing the same 
action (like uploading a file)?

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