[ic] Re: Users complaining about errors

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 09:10:41 EDT 2007

> I've been contacted at least 3 times in the 1-2 weeks by customers who
> got a "blank page" or a "broken link" when submitting a form.  I
> haven't gotten an email like that before so I'm thinking I've got an
> issue here.
> There is nothing in error.log, error_log, or ssl_error_log.  The only
> thing I can think of would be a timeout due to a locked table since
> I'm logging all traffic via mysql, which I've been warned about.  I
> haven't seen a timeout or significant response delay myself though.
> How would you track this down?

I just got a blank page trying to access my home page with a new
session.  The page <title> appears, but the rest of the page is
completely blank.  There is nothing in error.log or error_log and
there is a normal 301 and then 200 in access_log.

I'm using Firefox and if I view the Page Source I get the full
layout of code.  Does anyone know if Firefox displays that code based
on the already-downloaded page?  There doesn't seem to be another
request in access_log so I guess the blank page has this code?  Weird.

- Grant

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