[ic] Re: Users complaining about errors

JT Justman jt at signless.com
Thu Sep 13 14:09:50 EDT 2007

Grant wrote:
>> I've been contacted at least 3 times in the 1-2 weeks by customers who
>> got a "blank page" or a "broken link" when submitting a form.  I
>> haven't gotten an email like that before so I'm thinking I've got an
>> issue here.
>> There is nothing in error.log, error_log, or ssl_error_log.  The only
>> thing I can think of would be a timeout due to a locked table since
>> I'm logging all traffic via mysql, which I've been warned about.  I
>> haven't seen a timeout or significant response delay myself though.
>> How would you track this down?
> I just got a blank page trying to access my home page with a new
> session.  The page <title> appears, but the rest of the page is
> completely blank.  There is nothing in error.log or error_log and
> there is a normal 301 and then 200 in access_log.
> I'm using Firefox and if I view the Page Source I get the full
> layout of code.  Does anyone know if Firefox displays that code based
> on the already-downloaded page?  There doesn't seem to be another
> request in access_log so I guess the blank page has this code?  Weird.

It may be that if there was a data error, it would make a second
request. Usually it doesn't. It may depend on cache currency, not sure.

What would have been nice is if you had firebug enabled and could have
looked on the 'Net' tab to see the actual request and response. Might be
a good idea to have that ready should you hit the condition again.

If you can determine the session of the customers with errors that might
help. If they send e-mail to you, you can find the originating IP
address and use that to find the session. Study the sessions and look
for a pattern.

Tracking these things down is a pain, I know.


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