[ic] Order routing stalled (PaypalExpress)

Craig Burton craig at ttmab.co.uk
Fri Apr 11 08:26:55 UTC 2008

Dear All

Using PaypalExpress.pm for checkout - which appears to be working fine (well, on their live system, but I think they have a separate issue with the test accounts at the mo). Usual finale to the checkout for this is, upon receiving the call back from Paypal, to get the user details from Paypal and present these on a checkout page. After the user has OKed these, then call Paypal to confirm the payment. Not wanting to have the user be presented with another Interchange page (on which to potentially change their mind) and to take advantage of the ability to have Paypal display a "You are paying now, rather than confirming later" button, I've amalgamated the calls to Paypal for the last two stages of the transaction. So the flow goes:

get token from Paypal
redirect user to Paypal page, with token
Paypal sorts payment with user and calls back Interchange
Interchange calls Paypal to get user details, confirms payment and redirects user to "thanks v much" page

Not sure whether it's amalgamating those last two stages, or not having a page called 'checkout' in the process that does it, but, whilst the Paypal authentication is successful, no order is logged in Interchange, items remain in cart, etc. The only way I have at the moment of logging the order is to copy the relevant chunk from etc/log_transaction into the page that catches the callback from Paypal. M'sure there must be a nice simple way of doing this, but a reasonable amount of RTFM and Googling has so far proved fruitless. Any way to simply have Interchange continue with the order routing at this point?

thanks, Craig

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