[ic] (su tag) Suppress User Creation While Logged In

ic at 3edge.com ic at 3edge.com
Fri Apr 11 11:16:10 UTC 2008

Sam Batschelet writes: 

> I am using the standard catalog 5.5.1 and am running into a problem with
> interchange creating new users even when the user is logged in.  Without
> getting too into the process is there a variable that can be set that will
> stop a logged in user from being forced to create a new user on checkout.  I
> am trying to deploy email address as login.  I remember a while back Mike
> was talking about an su function for this has anyone deployed in on a
> checkout level or could give a working example of the su tag.

Not sure what you mean but the
[if session logged_in]
Do something
Do something else

is not cutting it for you? I don't see why a user who is already logged in 
should be having to create a new account on checkout, you should just be 
populating the user data on the checkout page - if the user has any. 



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