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Ron Phipps ron at endpoint.com
Thu Apr 17 21:32:02 UTC 2008

Bill Carr wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't know what or how to call this.
> I would like to do something similar to the [bounce] tag without  
> issuing a redirect to the client. I would like to just say, "Hey  
> Interchange start over with this other page instead and give that over  
> to the client." Is there a way to do that? I'm trying to make search  
> engine friendly URLs.
> Is there a way in interchange to have a URL like /product/yellow-tail- 
> shiraz and then have a page called 'product' that knows about 'yellow- 
> tail-shiraz' and can do what it needs to do?
> Bill Carr
> bill at bottlenose-wine.com

Hi Bill,

If I understand correctly in your scenario you would have the page "product" look up the sku yellow-tail-shiraz and then redirect to the flypage for that product?  It sounds like a perfect use of ActionMaps.  With an ActionMap named "product", you can look at the rest of the URL, figure out which product is being pulled up and then set mv_nextpage to your product page and set cgi variables which will be used on that product page to show the product.  Here is an example:

CodeDef products ActionMap
CodeDef products Routine <<EOR
sub {
    my ($param1, $param2) = split ('/', shift);

    $CGI->{mv_nextpage} = 'flypage';
    $CGI->{sku} = $param1;
    return 1;

On the flypage you would then use the cgi variable sku to pass to the fly-list tag.  A url for such a product could then look something like this:


If you don't want to use the sku in the url then you'll need to take the "yellow-tail-shiraz" and use it to look up in the database the sku of that item.

It might be helpful to write a help usertag as well which takes in a sku and outputs the url.  You can then use that tag throughout the site to link to different products.

Ron Phipps
End Point Corporation
ron at endpoint.com

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