[ic] problem with shipping default by price

priscilla priscilla at quinceaneraconnect.com
Mon Apr 21 01:13:46 UTC 2008

Outline of my problem: I want my default for shipping charges to be by 
price for the Interchange shopping cart at customer check out, but it 
doesn’t work. I would appreciate help. Thanks

I created default-shipping charges based on price.
I created a file under shipping configuration as follows:

Commerce tab > Shipping tab > Shipping Configuration
Created a new method under commerce > shipping>
Standard shipping by price – total based on price.
The method included a data table for shipping charges.

Other points of information: Path - (Hit button for create new method)
The button is under the shopping Tab under the commerce Tabs

Under the administration TAB there is a Preference TAB >
Preference TAB >

Under Preferences there is a variable called: SHIP DEFAULT MODE
Preference value is by price.
Variable name ship - Ship (sp) default (sp) mode
Preference value by price
Preferences area shipping
I created a new method under shipping configuration
Commerce > Shipping

My Questions:
Did I miss a step?
Did I enter information in the wrong place?
Do I need to delete the other variable shipping rates such as UPS and US 
postal rates? (Even though, I made the new method the default?)
Is there anything else I need to do to make shipping by price as my default?
Is there other information that needs to be entered that I’m unaware of?
Why aren’t my default price points for shipping charges coming up in the 
customer check out?
Or does this template not work?

At this point when someone makes a purchase there is no charge for 
shipping- on the customer checkout page.
I would appreciate your suggestions, recommendations…help.

Michael Block

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