[ic] Problem with option and migration from old catalog (4.6.x) to 5.6.0

Alessandro Poletto pollok at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 13:01:44 UTC 2008

> On 07/31/2008 12:48 AM, Alessandro Poletto wrote:
> > I've taken an old catalog developed on interchange 4.6.x (I am not
> > sure because I've only a backup of datas).
> > 
> > After some simple adjustment all works perfectly but a problem appear
> > when in the administration I go to modify an option, the interface
> > propose me to change the type of the option as "matrix option multiple
> > widgets" (that is correct), when I confirm it rollback to the same
> > page.
> > 
> > I've thinked that in 4.6 the product/option structure was based on two tables:
> > products and options
> > In the earlier release the structure of database is changed with three tables:
> > products variant option
> > 
> > obviously the structure of the backup have only two tables...
> > 
> > what the best way to return to use the options?
> > I have to insert the vaiant table and make a script to convert datas?
> > In this case I've to rewrite a lot of software because the previous
> > developer have wrote a lot of custo code about option!
> > 
> > Is possibile to use the old option database structure with 5.6?
> Well, you may have to tweak your database a bit, but you can still use 
> the options table to store the variants.  Just have the following line 
> in your catalog.cfg file:
> Options Matrix variant_table options
> ...and change the ProductFiles line to:
> ProductFiles products options
> ...that should do it.
Many many many thanks for your help...

but the problem persist...

the problem is strange and no logging is made so, for me, is really 
difficult to understand what happen!

Is really important that I found a solution!

Toth di
Alessandro Poletto
E-mail: alessandro at polet.to

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