[ic] Discount tag bug?

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Aug 6 14:34:14 UTC 2008

Quoting Music (music at labyrinth.net.au):
> I am setting a discount on items by minusing a specific amount from a data 
> table.
> [discount [loop-code]] $s - [loop-data merchandising 
> newdiscountfield][/discount]
> This works very well while there is only one item in the cart however as 
> soon as quantity is set to more than one the discount fails with only a 
> discount for one item being applied.
> Example:
> Item Price is $9.95
> After the discount tag is applied  (in this example -1.00) the item price is 
> set to $8.95
> However if the quantity for this item is increased to two items then the 
> sub-total is $18.90   (still only $1 discount)
> Is this a bug or am I missing something?

It's a bug in your code. 8-)

    [discount [loop-code]]
	$s - $q * [loop-data merchandising newdiscountfield];

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