[ic] NoExportExternal exception for manual exports

Daniel Browning db at endpoint.com
Sat Aug 9 22:01:06 UTC 2008

* Jon Jensen <jon at endpoint.com> [2008-08-09 13:39]:
> I do for a few catalogs and while it's great to have less junk output and 
> wasted CPU and I/O for writing table exports that aren't needed, I've  
> found that one annoyance is that it blocks even intentional manual table  
> exports such as are typically done through the admin.
> The attached patch makes an exception for such cases. If nobody objects,  
> I'll commit it.

I use it and I would appreciate the patch. I don't think anyone would
really want to prevent explicit export, especially given the short time
that NoExportExternal has been around.
Daniel Browning
End Point Corporation

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