[ic] Large file uploads failing

jimbo jimbo at soundimages.co.uk
Tue Aug 12 19:11:12 UTC 2008

Gert van der Spoel wrote:

> Not totally sure but he is probably referring to the HammerLock directive:
> http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/icdocs/config/HammerLock.html

I've monitored the upload using tcpdump and can confirm the upload 
completes, as far as Apache is concerned. Once the interchange cgi link 
program is invoked the interchange process goes into 99% cpu mode, the 
memory bounces around like a yo-yo, eventually fails. Raising the Apache 
TimeOut directive value has no real benefit, as eventually the process 
dies and I get a 500 error in any case.

I know this is not a network issue as I've set up a test bed on the 
machine and all uploads are done using a small Perl script that 
generates random large uploads.

> But you do not get any error messages/failures when doing the upload?

There are no messages in either the catalog error log or the Apache 
error log until the process fails and Apache logs a premature end of 
script headers.


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